Hi, I'm Hannah and this is my family, there are four of us now! 

I couldn't be more delighted to introduce you to MakeBox+Co, a business created by my husband and I. I'm a stylist, best-selling craft author, presenter and blogger (yes I like to fit it all in). Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with the biggest craft brands, TV companies and publishers selling over 150,000 books globally. I am blessed to love what I do. 

Being a family of creatives we believe in the power of dreams and fairytales. Life can be challenging and we know that our family and friends are the cornerstone to happiness.

We've created MakeBox+Co to help people connect with their creative spirit and claim back the time to invest in themselves and each other. With backgrounds in technology, fashion, craft and cookery, we are building a company and community for all ages that share our vision.

​Hannah, Brendan, Teddy and Posey