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The Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch

JULY 2020

Welcome to the June MakeBox, the Home Sweet Home Cross Stitch that really marks a moment in time!  This is one of those lovely soothing crafts that can be picked up and put down, to be completed in your own time. This very special Home Sweet Home design is of the moment representing the things we have loved during lockdown.   The elements of the design have come together using individual letters to celebrate the love we have for our homes, the place that has kept us safe and nurtured. Each letter has its own miniature symbol; a rainbow to support the NHS, a car parked still outside a blossoming tree, our pets, a comforting cup of tea plus a relaxing glass of wine! A little bike and of course bees, the queen and her essential worker bees all keeping busy.   In this box you will learn some wonderful cross stitch techniques so you can truly master this historic artform. Mounted on a bespoke wooden board for that professional finish and hung with plush velvet ribbon.  You will also find 3 lovely mini cross stitch designs that you can mount onto cards and send to loved ones.  


Spring Flower Masterclass

JUNE 2020

Welcome to the ultimate masterclass in Spring paper flower making. Within this utterly incredible kit you will learn how to make these hyper-real blooms with Hannah, who is an expert and published author in flower making. Using premium Italian crepe paper, you will learn about cutting and shaping petals and leaves for a realistic look. This box features five life size spring favourites including Camellias. Daffodils, fringed tulips, Japanese Anemones and the beautiful Peony. On top of this you will receive a 20cm wire wreath base and plenty of styling tips to use your incredible blooms. These flowers can be used for an array of crafts, this box not only shows you how to make them but use them in decorative ways.  Happy flower making!  Suitable for beginners up. 


The English Meadow Embroidered Clock

APRIL 2020

Introducing the English Meadow embroidered clock. This stunning design is straight out of a 1940's picture book, inspired by spring meadows in the English Countryside. Featuring apple and cherry blossom, forget-me-nots, wild roses and peonies. You will love stitching these flowers into a wreath shape and dreaming of those fresh spring mornings. Using some simple embroidery techniques you can achieve this impressive design, then there’s the clever bit, the addition of the clock mechanism. The ultimate craft for “me time”! Go grab a cuppa (in a vintage tea cup and saucer) and let’s get stitching. 



The Love Paper Box

MARCH 2020

Dive into the romantic and fairy tale world of paper cutting with this stunning kit. Here you will find a series of dreamy designs from “heart hands” to “love birds”, floral motifs and monograms of which you can combine and create your own beautiful works of art. Inspired by tattoo illustration and love, you will adore learning the basics of this traditional art form and be astounded at the end results. In this box there is everything you need inside including scalpel and blades, cutting mat, selection of premium quality card, patterns and even a box frame. 

Hannah is known for her paper cut art having illustrated all four of her bestselling books in this style. In this box she gives away her expert tips and tricks, to get that perfect cut. This craft box is suitable for beginners up, it is a slow precise craft that encourages relaxation and thoughtfulness. 


Boho Macramé by Isabella Strombino


We are thrilled to collaborate with Macramé and natural dyeing expert Isabella Strambio on this very special box. Here you will be working with 100% natural materials to create a single or double plant holder and gorgeous feather keyring. This kit will provide the perfect introduction macramé and natural dyeing to bring a Bohemian touch to your home. Macramé is a very mindful craft and with just a few knots you can create something unique and beautiful. Natural dyeing is the perfect complement to Macramé and using hibiscus flowers, you can add a splash of colour to make your projects stand out.

Isabella is a hugely talented macramé artist, having been featured in  the Sunday Telegraph, Kirstie's Handmade Christmas, Mollie Makes, Hobbycraft and in 2019 her Natural Dyed Japanese Apron was one of the finalists for the Etsy Design Award. 


The 'Pretty Painting' Box by Emma Block


Welcome to the first ever MakeBox collaboration! We have joined forces with the amazingly talented illustrator Emma Block to bring you this gorgeous watercolour box. In this stunning painting kit (suitable for beginners and up), you will follow Emma’s expert advice and step by step instruction to complete three beautiful, personalised projects. You will paint a pretty portrait, monogrammed floral wreath and embroider a crafty fox postcard.

Inside the box you will find a premium set of watercolours, brushes, drawing materials, sketchbook, cartridge papers and easy to follow, step by step instructions - you even get a clip frame to mount your favourite piece! Ignite your passion for modern watercolours with the Pretty Painting Box by Emma Block.

Emma Block is a freelance illustrator living in London. All of her work is hand drawn and hand-painted. She’s worked with clients including Stylist Magazine, Mollie Makes, In The Moment, Anthropologie, Pinterest, Papier, Penguin Random House, Bloomsbury and HarperCollins. She is the author of international best selling how-to book The Joy of Watercolour. She also teaches watercolour workshops regularly in London. 


The 'Painted Ladies'

JUNE 2019

In this beautiful succulent planter kit you will find everything you need to cast, paint and decorate three mini plant pots. Using plaster of Paris as a base, you will paint and decorate each one with delicate petal tiles. You can even create your own special daisy ring. Alongside all of this you can grow your own seeds to create a very special hairstyle for your lady! The rise in popularity of the succulent planter has become a phenomenon in the last few years, resulting in a cult social media following. So let's make yours the most 'post-able' of them all! 


May is 'In Bloom'

MAY 2019

A truly stunning project that may even better the amazing 'Bee Kind' box from last month! Inside you will find a beautiful 10" Peony and Eucalyptus wreath made from premium soft fine felt. The second project is a matching brooch, the perfect addition to a spring/summer wardrobe. You even get a glue gun to put it all together!  Lastly, our signature embroidered postcard to finish off your 'blooming lovely' May Makebox. Dont say we don't spoil you. 


The 'Bee Kind' Box

The first ever MakeBox is something special. Developed in collaboration with our early members, we are proud to bring you the 'Bee Kind' box. Three beautifully designed embroidery projects including all the materials needed. Inside the Box: Project 1 - Honey Bee Embroidery (Slate grey linen, Embroidery hoop, premium threads, felt backing) Project 2 - Rosey Posey Embroidery (Ink blue linen, Embroidery hoop, premium threads, felt backing) Project 3 - Bee Kind postcard (Printed card template, premium threads) Box also contains: Embroidery needle, pins, easy to follow How-To instructions.